Strong magnets for the academic

Disc-Mini-Rare-Earth-Strong-Neodymium-Magnet-Bulk-Super-Magnets (7)

Magnetic applications are everywhere.

As you’re perusing museum gift shops, for instance, keep your eyes peeled for little postcards and keepsakes. Small disc magnets can be affixed to the back of them to create buttons or fridge ornaments that represent famous artwork.

Not only will these trinkets help remind them of their time spent with you, they’ll also help pin up reminders for class assignments on personal white boards and keep shopping lists organized on the refrigerator door.

For students on-the-go who seem to always have thick binders filled with paper, try gifting a few strong magnets that can be used to help hold the bindings closed.

There’s nothing worse than strong gusts of wind that could send assignments flying away, but with this magnetic solution, things should be a little more secure.

Post time: Nov-07-2017
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