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    Inter-lock braided type:   Read more »

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    Read more »

  • by admin on Jun-21-2019

    The “Braided Packing” market report offers a thought with perspectiveby the improved information related to Braided Packing market. The Braided Packing market report gives a broad platform offering different gateways for different associations, firms, collaborations, and new startups. This Braide...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-15-2017

    If the working temperature of magnets is lower than 80℃,the super strong magnets are N52 magnets. Because N52 magnets have maximum magnetic energy (BH)max as 398~422kJ/m3.N35 grade magnets have only 263~287 kJ/m3.So N52 magnets are much stronger than N35 grade magnets. N52 magnets are widely u...Read more »

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    What are rare earth magnets ? They are the magnets including rare earth metals such as neodymium. Some call them neodymium magnets or neo magnets.The rare earth magnets are mainly made of neodymium,iron and boron.They have the strongest magnetic power in the world.You can find many applications ...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-07-2017

    Magnetic applications are everywhere. As you’re perusing museum gift shops, for instance, keep your eyes peeled for little postcards and keepsakes. Small disc magnets can be affixed to the back of them to create buttons or fridge ornaments that represent famous artwork. Not only will these...Read more »

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    Neodymium magnets are widely used in our consumer-driven solutions. There’s something for everyone to make life more convenient. Hunters and fisherman, for instance, do not have a lot of time to worry about setting up camp when their game is close by. Additionally, although tent gear has ...Read more »

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    What are permanent magnets?They are magnets that maintain their own persistent magnetic fields. Rare earth magnets, powerful magnets made from rare earth metals, are the type typically used for this purpose. Rare earth magnets are not particularly rare; they just happen to come from the class of ...Read more »

  • by admin on Nov-01-2017

    The in-wheel motor  (hub motor) is a type of EV (electric vehicle) drive system. The in-wheel motor can be used in electric cars with 4-wheel independent drive configuration. Within every wheel, there can be one “direct-drive in-wheel motor” to generate the necessary torque per wheel....Read more »

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