N52 Magnets


If the working temperature of magnets is lower than 80℃,the super strong magnets are N52 magnets.

Because N52 magnets have maximum magnetic energy (BH)max as 398~422kJ/m3.N35 grade magnets have only 263~287 kJ/m3.So N52 magnets are much stronger than N35 grade magnets.

N52 magnets are widely used in the daily life.

Magnetic lifters,home use wind generators,loudspeakers,magnetic button,etc.need many N52 neodymium magnets based on powerful pulling force.

When you use N52 magnets,please be careful to avoid hurting your fingers because of powerful attracting force.One magnet should be far from another magnet or iron parts.You can take a thicker wooden or plastic plate to separate each one while operating them.

Post time: Nov-15-2017
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